Fight On for US Grant to Win or Lose
or Plan the 50th Reunion

I know it’s still a ways off, but we need to start planning and working on it now. Our biggest task will be to reach out and contact as many of our classmates as we can. We need an effort to glean information from all sources:

The dedicated group that helped work on our 40th included married couples (the Sifers, Jenkins, Wilders, Londons), plus Pam & Jack Moulton. Some of the other smiling faces were Karen (Cleaver) Tibbets, Diana (Cunningham) Burton, Shirley (Rogers) Owens, Vickey (Bassett) Thornton, Donna (Shelton) Steward, Sam Teague, Ricki (Robinson) Hwang, Lonnie Fink, and David Engles.

If you would like to help, please contact Jo Stewart or Glen Cosper and we will inform you of our meeting date, time, and place. We hope to have a lot of help in this task, and you will have fun being involved!

Jo Stewart
Glen Cosper